…This Has Happened Before…

The Tzolk’in is reaching the end of its 13th B’ak’tun cycle and the 14th Great Calibration is upon us all.

13 Great Calibrations have occurred since this world began, marking 5127 years as men know them.

Four times the Gods have failed in their vigil against the Great Nemontemi, and four time the world has had to begin again.

The last world lasted longer than any that came before and it ended when the Gods that Came Before bashed open the Tzolk’in and escaped their Tomb within the Black Sun and wiped the world away in a great flood.

The prophesies are clear, when this era ends it will do so when the earth itself erupts and swallows all that the Gods and Men have made.

Now the Gods have chosen their Champions to protect the realm of Men as they turn their power to defend the Realms eternal from the wrath of their forbearers whilst the Tzolk’in calibrates once more.

Should the God have chosen well and their Champions get very, very lucky…

…This Will Happen Again…

Scion: Nemontemi is a Role Playing Game set all across Mexico and the American West and chronicles the adventures of those men and women chosen to stem the tide of Primordial Abominations flooding the Realm of Men; facing Cults, Eldritch things from beyond and the very (angry) stars themselves until the Great Calibration is at its end and the Prison of Days is once again closed, making the world safe, once again, from the depredations of Those That Came Before.


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