The Primordial God of Life, who birthed the Gods and all living things that walk the earth before the coming of Men. Heart Broken by the Actions of her favorite children, Coatlicue wishes to return the world to quiet.


Called “Mother of the Gods” by the Aztecs, Coatlicue is mother to many Atzlanti gods, including Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl. Always pregnant, she wears a skirt of snakes and a necklace made of humans hands, skulls and hearts. Those are the ones of her already deceased children. Her breasts, which she bares naked, are withered from over-nursing. She often appears as a large and bulky humanoid crocodile.

She is the emblem of the deceased’s mothers, caring more for her children in death than in life. She truly loves children, but only, they are so much better death, when they are perfectly obedient and still. So she believes she can love all of her children wihtout having to carry the burden of their imperfections. She desires every creature’s death, so they won’t trouble their mother anymore.


Nemontemi Raymer