The Primordial Darkness and an "Ally" of sorts to the Gods, The Old God is oft confused with a fire deity due to the ritual "Tying of the Years" In which a sacrifice would be held to keep his Darkness at bay.


Huehueteotl is the incarnation of perfect blindness, which is inherent of the Greater Titan.

He appears as a decrepit man, with little hair left, rotting muscles and bones thiner than thought possible. The two blind crows on his shoulders are more an extension of his will than “real” crows. Those two devour the eyes of anyone foolish enough to pass by. The fact that they are as ravenous as he is makes him happy, as it means nobody with sight is coming near him.

Huehueteotl has no sanctum, preferring to wander in the Greater Titan, without aim. In Aztec legends, it was said that Huehueteotl was pursuing the sun, which souls of the departed fought to protect.

Anyone brave enough to confront Huehueteotl face a hard challenge: the avatar’s first move will be to remove the being’s every senses, imposing a sensory blackout: sight first, then hearing, taste, smell and finally touch. Facing gods, other ways of communication and sensitivity are blocked as well. Prophecy is no exception. He can (though why he would do that is a mystery) let information pass through of he wants it. It will remain until either his death or his own accord. He enjoys this position to give and take others’ senses. His ultimate dream is to blind the World forever.

His blind crows are his preferred servants. They are absolutely normal crows, except for the supernatural powers they have been granted in order to give them the necessary speed to strike the eyes of their master’s enemies. He also controls other blind creature but their beast-like attitude doesn’t suite him well.


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