The God of the Primordial Sky, Hurakan remembers a time when there was nothing but light, water and glorious, unbridled Sky. The Gods put a stop to that, and now, with the coming Nemontemi he's going to take back what is rightfully his.


Hurakán has a base dice pool of 24 for all actions. He Favors Physical Attributes and delights in simply tearing his enemies apart.

Virtues Ambition 5, Malice 5, Rapacity 4, Zealotry 3
Supernatural Powers:
Aspects : The Beast, The Storm, The Void, The Way
Boons: Every one- to eight-dot boon fore every purview except Darkness and Earth, which are forbidden to him. Hurakán also has all Boons from the Animal (Coatl), Chaos, Psychopomp, and Sky Purviews.
Epic Attributes: Epic Physical Attributes at the 10-dot level (with all appropriate Knacks). All other Epic Attributes at the eight-dot level (With All appropriate Knacks). Although he could choose to appear handsome if he wished, Hurakán generally favors negative Epi Appearance Knacks.
Join Battle: 24
Clinch: Accuracy 24, Damage 13L, Parry DV -, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 23, Damage 16L, Parry DV 57, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 25, Damage 13L, Parry DV 59, Speed 4
Hurakán’s Quauhololli (Melee): Accuracy 28, Damage 23L, Parry DV 59, Speed 5, P
Hurakán’s Quauhololli (Lightning): Accuracy 29, Damage 13L, Range 30, Speed 5
Soak: 10A/52L/58B
Health Levels -0×70/Incap
Dodge DV: 64 Willpower: 10
Legend: 12 Legend Points: 144


A furious and almost unstoppably powerful Primordial, Huracán has (rightfully)declared himself Lord of Typhoons! Having recently reawakened he looked at the skies and didn’t like what he saw: rockets, planes, and so on… Before his imprisonnement, all humanity had in order to “control” wind were fans and sails. Now, Huracán is angry, probably the most angry of all the existing Primordials, and people will suffer for it!

His appearance is not a beautiful one: with a distended snout-like nose, he permanently has a smoking cigar in his mouth and axe pinning a broken, blood-dripping mirror to his forehead. One of his legs is a giant serpent, and the rest of his body is only vaguely human, with shriveled skin and knotted muscle. Huracán loves storms, as they bring fear into humans’ hearts, death through heavy droughts and life through the calm rain which feeds the soil. To him, the wind carries the cold that kills crops and the heat needed to bring flowers to blossom. It can either hinder ships, sink them or make their travel a lot faster. The wind brings the cleansing rain and the unchallenged storm. To him, Sky rules the World.

Huracán created The Great Coatl by shredding a snake skin from his leg and infusing it with his breath, which can make anything able to fly without wings. The gods tricked the creature though, promising it feathers, but Huracán has since then made another, more powerful one. The coatl and its siblings are loyal to death to Huracán, as they know that his next breath could condemn them all. He also mated with clouds during his imprisonnement, giving birth to cloud-children, each bearing a blood-dripping axe on their forehead, holding a mirror in place, in the very same way their father has one.

In order to reach his goals, Huracán works with Cipactli and sometimes with Coatlecue, in order to flood the World. He doesn’t want the World to be destroyed though, just to bring it back to a time when it was simpler: just the sea and the sky, and nothing between them. He is sastified with humans riding the oceans forever, so denying them the possibility of creating crafts to ride the skies. This pleases Cipactly too, as it would make them easy meals to sate its hunger.


Nemontemi Raymer