The Baron's Axe

An Strange Guitar that grants its weilder power over the elements.

musical instrument

The Baron’s Axe
5-Dot Relic (3 Purviews, Two Unique 1-dot Powers)

A Guitar of bizarre design, the Baron’s Axe was a gift from an unknown Deity. The Baron’s Axe protects its wielder from the ravages of the wind, the water and the cold while also transforming their ability to play the guitar into an attack.

The Axe grants the Baron access to the Frost, Sky and Water purviews and also allows him to make ranged attacks with it up to 10 yards using his Art score instead of his marksmanship score. he may also wield the Axe like an actual Labrys.

The Axe (Ranged): Spd 6, Acc +1, Dmg +8L, Def 0, Range 10 (Use Art To Attack)
The Axe (Melee): Spd 6, Acc +1, Dmg +8L, Def 0


The Baron's Axe

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