The Band

Dr. Cassandra Roberts Scientist in Search of Answers

The Daughter of a Iowa Farmer and a skilled Ag. Scientist in her own right, “Casey” Roberts is desperate to discover the truth of her father’s gruesome death and why he kept a Pre-Columbian artifact hidden in his home.

Dr. Roberts was chosen as the Champion of Xipe Totec, the Flayed Lord and God of the Harvest because of her relentless curiosity, willingness to do whatever it takes to find the truth, no matter the consequences.

Baron von Thunder Living Legend and God of Rock and Roll

Born Lewis Barker in Grays, England in October of 1959, the man the world knows as The Baron vanished from the spotlight after visiting a Super-Club in Cancun, Mexico in 1987 at the height of his popularity. Now he’s back, having not aged a day in the twenty-four years that have passed and looking to pick up the party where he left off, even if that means breaking some Primordial Heads in the process.

It was his raucous lifestyle and Courageous spirit that drew the attention of the Lesser-Goddess Mayahuel, though how she was able to grant him this status is a mystery.

AUSA Karia Winston Crusading Prosecutor fighting for the future

Karia Winston is the Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. Her father, Elijah Winston, is a high-powered and extraordinarily influential Attorney in Florida and it was to win his affection that Karia first studied law. As she settles into her new roll as an AUSA in Texas, however, it’s her innate sense of Justice and her absolutist view of Right and Wrong that drive her to ever greater heights.

Karia’s Conviction and her duty to the Law are what made her the perfect Champion of Quetzalcoatl, the Lawgiver and God of Light and the Dawn.

The Others

Dr. Patricia Guilliem Celebrity Archeologist haunted by an impossible relic

Patricia Guilliem’s was born to a life of beauty and excess, her father was a politician, her mother a pin-up model and actress. Patricia, never the social butterfly, rebelled and spent her youth held up in a library, she studied religiously and eventually attended Yale where she studied archaeology and anthropology. in 2007 while heading a dig in the Tlatelolco District of Mexico City, she and her team discovered an ancient Pyramid, centuries older than any known Aztec structure. while excavating the site Patricia discovered an ancient chamber, ad within that chamber was a codex. An impossible codex. After all, if the chamber had been sealed in the 14th century, how could it possibly have images that corresponded to the Spanish?

It’s Patricia’s voracious hunger for knowledge and overwhelming curiosity that led to her becoming the Champion of Tlazolteotl, the Goddess of Filth.

Dr. Stephen Raines Broken man searching for retribution

Stephen Raines was once a brilliant fertility specialist, a pillar of his community and a loving husband, but that was a long time ago. When his wife left him without a word in the summer of 2005 Stephen went to the police who promptly told him there was nothing he could do. By the end of year Stephen himself had been arrested multiple times after his now ex-wife put out a PPO on him. The man that took her from him, Carlo Leon, never loved her, and when her money was gone he left her destitute and broken. She killed herself two months later, after learning that one of the men that he sold her body to was HIV positive. She told Stephen everything while she lay dying in his arms. Stephen Raines has been searching for Carlo ever since.

Its both his brilliance in his field and his seething fury at the betrayal and loss of his wife that drew the eye of his patron, Tlaloc, the Nahua god of Storms.

Carlo Leon Magnificent Bastard

Carlo has spent the last three years living like a king, not bad for a kid who was born on the street and never worked a day in his life. Even without the gifts that come with being a champion, Carlo was a gifted conman. Once he was chosen, once he was gifted the Jaguar’s tools and his own innate abilities were enhanced by the power of Legend… well Carlo’s not homeless anymore.

Carlo was chosen by the adversarial Tezcatlipoca because of his natural cunning and the ease with which he manipulates others. No one ever expected that he would be so good at it.

Joanna Colibri the Good Soldier

Joanna grew up in New York City. She was the prom queen, the home coming queen, the head cheerleader and the Queen Bee head of the Mean Girls. Then 9/11 happened and everything changed. Joanne’s dad was a fireman and her mom was a day-care provider. Both were in the towers that day and neither came home. Joanna was away to college and only found out the next day when a neighbor picked up her parents’ house phone. She signed up for the army that afternoon, becoming an MP. After doing two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan she came home and joined the police force, eventually moving to Tucson, Arizona.

Joanna was chosen as the Champion of Huitzilopochtli because of her domineering personality, incredible courage and iron-clad sense of duty and has taken to it like a bird to the air as if she were born to do fight for reality.

Father Rico Romero The Put-upon Priest

Rico Romero is a devout man. He doesn’t remember a time he wasn’t in love with the church. He could quote scripture since he learned to read. He begged to be an alter boy and joined the seminary as soon as he was able. The church is everything to him so when he was given a diocese in Tepito he was overjoyed. Within a month of him taking his position a local woman opened a shrine to Santa Muerte, a shrine where they spoke the Rosary of Santa Muerta. And then one night a woman placed a rosary in his hand, made of bone and wood and hemp and then next night it spoke to him.

Father Romero is horrified by the fact that he was chosen to be the Champion of Mictecacihuatl, the Goddess of Sacrifice and the Sainted Dead, but that doesn’t mean that he’s giving up on his faith.

Marv Elliot Obstructionist Bastard

Marv Elliot is an asshole. He was never the smartest, coolest or most athletic of his peers but he was always the cruelest. Oh, he’s good at playing the nice guy, of getting in close, but the truth is that he only does it so that he can get the blade in deeper, metaphorically speaking of course.

Marv’s conniving personality and casual cruelty were like a magnet to Mictlantecuhtli who chose him as his champion. Unfortunately for the rest of the World, it seems that Marv’s only use for his divinely inspired power is to grant himself ever more power.


Nemontemi Raymer