Friends and Foes

Family and Friends

Mia Berenike The Talent Agent Provocateur

Mia is, quite possibly, the greatest Talent Agent in the history of… well anything really. Twenty-four years ago she scheduled the hottest act in the world, Baron von Thunder and the Titans of Rock to a Cancun Nightclub called Torzales. The Baron would not be seen for again for more than twenty years, when he would reappear in the same club (now called Struck) Mia was there before the end of the night. That’s Commitment.

The truth is must stranger, of course. Mia is a Guide sent by the Gods to monitor the Baron now that he’s returned to the Realm of Men and seems to have a vested interest in his and his Band’s success.

Kyle Crawford The Founder and CEO of agKor

Kyle founded agKor when he was in college, selling greenhouse vegetables at farmers markets. Now he’s a billionaire who’s built a multinational corporation from the ground up. Three years ago, one of his business partners, and best friend, Jack Roberts, died horribly at his own barbecue and Kyle was the last person to see him alive. Though there were a few weeks of paranoia he was eventually cleared of any wrong doing and offered Jack’s Daughter a place at his company, an offer that has paid huge dividends in the time since.

Kyle seems to be in the dark as to Casey’s status as Champion but is actively helpful in her search for answers in her father’s death.

“Sally” Cruz Night-Club Owner and Player extraordinaire

Salvador’s been a staple in the Cancun nightlife for well over twenty years. His club, Struck, is the fifth super-club he’s opened since his first, the storied Torzales, back in ‘86. Torzales was, of course the nightclub from which The Baron vanished from that fateful night back in ’87. It seems only fitting that his newest Club, the acclaimed Struck would be the venue for the Icon’s triumphant return.

Though they aren’t sure exactly how, Casey and Karia both suspect that he might be more knowledgeable of the strange goings on than he lets on.

Jack Roberts Casey’s Dead Father

Jack was a family man, a pillar of his community, a self-made millionaire and a genius when it came to agriculture and business. His favorite holiday was Easter and he through lavish barbecues with Grown-Up egg hunts that required GPS and golf-carts. It was during one of these parties that he was brutally murdered, his heart ripped out, his skin sliced from his bones and his body dumped at the edge of his property. His daughter was never the same.

He still visits with her in her dreams from time to time, trying to explain why his death, while horrible, was necessary, and that she’s needed in the world. While his visits are and fleeting, they are the happiest moments in Casey’s life.

The Topiltzin Churlish Talking Bird

The Topiltzin was a king once. He ruled the Toltec in the name of his Patron, Quetzalcoatl. he reigned for Centuries, history tells that many men used his name, but only because there’s no way one man could live for over two centuries. Quetzalcoatl, seeing that his champion was not moving on, Quetzalcoatl sent him east to spread civilization and once the Priest-king reached the sea he granted him true immortality in the form of a Resplendent Quetzal.

Locked in this semi-divine state, Topiltzin acts as an intermediary, teacher and guide to newer generations of Champions, though, to be honest he’s not particularly fond of the fact that these newest recruits don’t appear to be particularly Nahua.

Elijah Winston Karia’s Distant Father

Elijah doesn’t know his daughter that will. He divorced her mother when she was only five and though he sent cards and presents and she visited every summer, they were never close. It didn’t help that he lived in Texas and she in Florida. But now she that she’s working for the USAEDT perhaps she’ll be able to spend more time with her.

Karia hasn’t seen her father since she got the job, though he did visit her once shortly before she got word, he was more distant than usual. She doesn’t plan on telling him about her status as a Champion.

Nuisances and Wildcards

Elián Cortez Pretentious Concierge

Elián is a arrogant and hostile concierge at the Riu Palace in Cancun and he takes great joy in acting manipulating the clientele to enhance his own sense of self-worth.

Des The Baron’s Biggest Fan

Des wasn’t always a star but for the life of him he can’t remember what he used to be. A massive man standing nearly eight feet tall to those not imbued with the power of legend, the oafish man-child is in fact a living Star, standing over 12 feet to those who can see him for what he really is.

Though technically an enemy of the Gods and their Champions, Des was a huge fan of the Baron back when he was still only a man and has set out on a path to regain his humanity in the hopes of being the Band’s Roadie.

Friends and Foes

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