Ah Kin

The Primordial Sun, that which became before the Gods and men. Ah Kin wants nothing more than to return to the solitude of his own perfect light.


Ah Kin has a base dice pool of 24 for all actions. He Favors Physical Attributes and delights in simply tearing his enemies apart.

Virtues Ambition 5, Malice 2, Rapacity 1, Zealotry 5
Supernatural Powers:
Aspects : The Glory, The Sentinel
Boons: Every one- to eight-dot boon fore every purview except Darkness and Water, which are forbidden to him. Ah Kin also has all Boons from the Guardian, and Sun Purviews.
Epic Attributes: Epic Social Attributes at the 10-dot level (with all appropriate Knacks). All other Epic Attributes at the eight-dot level (With All appropriate Knacks). .
Join Battle: 24
Clinch: Accuracy 24, Damage 13L, Parry DV -, Speed 6, P
Unarmed, Heavy: Accuracy 23, Damage 16L, Parry DV 40, Speed 5
Unarmed, Light: Accuracy 25, Damage 13L, Parry DV 42, Speed 4
Soak: 8A/35L/41B
Health Levels -0×40/Incap
Dodge DV: 47 Willpower: 10
Legend: 12 Legend Points: 144


A being of beautiful radiance, a glorious and terrifying incarnation of the sun, whose shining face forbids anyone to look at it. Even from far away, rings and haloes of light attest of his brightness. He is attended by shining creatures of angelic light, to which he lets a bit of independence at best, none at worst. They are utterly dedicated to him. He is Ah Kin, the sun that came before.

Ah Kin is a direct god as far as primordials go: If men wish to worship him and attend to his glory than he is a benevolent hand of totalitarian kindness and he destroys resistance, annihilates his enemies in a divine light and crush anyone’s will with his own. He then uses what remains as the warriors of his army. His hatred for the gods is very literal, having boiled up to the surface until he got released from his prison. Ah Kin crushes any who would come into his territory, then makes him one of his followers. He is a mighty warrior, but lacks finesse.
The fact that he is the sole avatar of his realm doesn’t make him more powerful than any other: it just leaves all the powers of the Realm of light in one being’s hands, thus not using it to diverse purpose, but concentrating it toward one single goal. The downside is that he can’t cooperate with other avatars to multiply the power he brings onto his enemies. Moreover, he can’t bring all the power of the Titan to bear, but he still refuses to see his loneliness as a kind of weakness.

His servants are not like him, however. They display a quality to please their master, often competing against one another for his favors, which amuses him to no end. Seeing all those little egos fighting each other gives him a sense of superiority, which rends him bigger to his slaves’ eyes. His pride forbids him to meet someone outside of his palace, so those visitors must make all the way to his residence. If someone want to trap him, he must lure him outside of his realm with something he wants, because Ah Kin will try to seize rather than plot to have someone take it for him.

Ah Kin

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