The Goddess of water who was once counted as one of the Primordials, the wife of Huehueteotl is the kind-hearted guardian of children and works to atone for destroying the last world during the last Nemontemi.


Chalchiuhtlicue is the water goddess and the personification of youthful beauty and ardor. She is represented as a river from which grew a prickly pear cactus laden with fruit, symbolizing the human heart.

Chalchiutlicue’s association with both water and fertility is derived from the Aztecs’ common association of the womb with waters. This dual role gave her both life-giving and a life-ending role in previous Nemontemi. Chalchiuhtlicue presided over the fourth sun, or creation, in her aspect as goddess of streams and standing water. This world – the world preceding the current (fifth) one—was destroyed by a great flood and its people transformed into fish.

In her aquatic aspect, Chalchiutlicue is known as Acuecucyoticihuati, goddess of oceans, as well as the patron of women in labor. She is also said to be the wife of Huehueteotl the personification of the darkness at the edge of the light, creeping cold, and the cool darkness of oblivion.

Chalchiutlicue helped Tlaloc rule the paradise kingdom of Tlalocan, brought fertility to crops and is the protector of children.

In modern times, Chalchiuhtlicue has been a water conservationist, a neonatal doctor, and an online dating website founder. In her various incarnations, she tries to do good in the World, trying to make up for the harm she did to the previous human race by misusing her power as the Fourth Sun.


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