Miclantecuhtli, along with his wife Mictecacihuatl, is the ruler of Mictlan, the aztec underworld. He looks nothing like a living man: skeletal, black hairs with stars and claw-like hands that can tear off souls. His belly is cut open, leaving his bowels to the air, while he is drapped in layers of bark paper. He suffers from schadenfreude, enjoyed his soul-destroying powers to no end. His diseased-like face inevitably brings fear and disgust to any mortal who sees him, even in human form. He has a rivalry with Quetzalcoatl ever since he and Xolotl came in Mictlan looking for the bones of the former gods. Miclantecuhtli sought to bar his passage, but Quetzalcoatl still got through, taking the bones to the earth where they were used to create mankind. Miclantecuhtli never forgave him.

In modern times, he has often appeared as a customer assistant in a big corporation or as a petty bureaucrat roaming governments alleys.Health care and insurances are particularly sweet to him, confronting people with problems that don’t have an exit, or by making them take contracts they don’t need.

Miclantecuhtli’s scions are less bitter than their father, but they still like to make people suffer. It is essential to them; it is in their nature. That pain-blowing urge comes from the fact that their father has made them so miserable in the first place, and so they like to expand suffering as much as they can.


Nemontemi Raymer