Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent, is the atzlanti god of vegetation and winds, but also their life’s bringer. Pale, silver-haired, tall and athletic, garbed in green and red feathers, he is the son of the sun and of Coatlicue. He and his twin Xolotl went to the underworld to find remains of the old people. They brought it back to earth and so doing, created humanity. He refuses sacrifices and is the protector of corn, arts, scultpure and writing. He is the most intelligent and the less bloodthirsty god of the Atzlanti, requiring only a blood sacrifice once a year. He is a promoter of art, beauty, the joyful moments and ambition. He is a maker of golden ages, and has a stark rivalry with his chaotic brother Tezcatlipoca.

In modern times, he has often appeared as a doctor, a builder, a lawgiver, a king, an engineer and an astronomer. He doesn’t stay in one guise very long, possibly being a painter, an old engineer and a first-time lover in the same day. He enjoys dancing to no end, and is always beautifully dressed.

Quetzalcoatl’s scions are energetic, always with many projects. They are good inspirers, phenomena creators, from new trends to old music. They are almost always on the edge, always exhausted, and often resented or viewed with jealousy for all their successes.


Nemontemi Raymer