The life giver, the thunderer, the god of storms and earthquakes, eldest and most alien of the Gods.


Tlaloc is the Atzlanti god of rain, thunder, and fertility. He is mainly distinguished by his bulging eyes, his row of sharp teeth, his oversized nose, and his love of sacrificed children. He uses these sacrifices to power his balance of bringing life-giving rains and scorching droughts. He is both a figure in the clouds, commanding the lighting, and a wanderer of the land, bringing crops onto the Earth.

He is seen to have a love of travel and the modern age. He traveled around the world and boasts about it to any who would hear it. Many a person has angered him for disbelieving the places he’s been and the things he’s done. He has taken on the disguise of an archaeologist, an engineer, a cave guide, a doctor, a teacher, and a scuba diver (especially because he likes his sacrifices drowned).

Tlaloc’s Scions are much like their father. They believe in strong traditions and views, but they also equip themselves with the best of the modern world. Although they tend to be people that legitimately like to help people, their gifts also come with a curse. They occasionally suffer from dark thoughts and dreams that are perhaps too vivid to be imaginary.


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