Goddess of physical love and luxury, Tlazolteotl is also known as The Purificator, being also the goddess of filth. She is often depicted with mask and a moon-like ornament in her nose. She seeks confidence of everyone, and can go quite far just to get them. She is young and beautiful, and has no problem tempting the most pious mortals to sexual lust and emotional ruin. She is responsible for marital infidelities, but at the same time, she also forgives them. To get her forgiveness, however, requires a lot of penitences, and that was only doable once… She is also the goddess of steambaths, called Temazcalli, and of renewal. To that extent, every year, a young man is sacrified to her, with her statue recovered with his skin.

In modern times, she has often appeared as a clothing designer, a bartender, a prostitute, a kiddie-pop superstar, a psychologist, a garbage woman, a plumber, a social worker, a lounge singer and a cleaning lady. People tend to idealize her when remembering the time they spend with her, but she always seems distant. She constantly asks questions about private life, while not giving a hint about hers. Nobody has ever really known her.

Tlazolteotl’s scions are champions at praying a dark thought or information out of somebody’s mind. They easily find useful things and mountains of thrash. They are seductive but mentally cold. Their sex life is full, but any serious relation is almost beyond them.


Nemontemi Raymer