Xipe Totec

God of Corn and renewal, The benevolent but savage god walks amongst men in borrowed lives.


God of the spring renewal and of nocturnal rain, of maze and seeds, Xipe Totec is one of the most cherished god of the Atzlanti pantheon. He is the one responsible for spring’s return. To accomplish this, he needed human sacrifices, : they were first pierced with arrows, so the blood could flow out, then their heart was tore free of their chest. People needing purification then put on the skins of the sacrified, “bathing” in their blood to wash themselves of whatever sins they had commited. He needs blood, but also an animal skin, which he wears for his works, be it growth, health or disease, or even the changing of seasons, which could make a Titan or a Titanspawn turn away. Besides these creations, the skin he wears grant him the power of the animal, to the point where he can become the animal itself.

In modern times, he has often appeared as a gardener, a rancher, a farmer, a landscape architect, but also an actor or a musician, whose products always smell of blood and shock; but he is always performing for people. Life, death and rebirth is a recurring theme in what he produces. He is often seen as a loner, keeping to himself in the winter, while being more social in the other seasons. He usually has a big party in late March. Every year, someone disappears there, only to be back a short while later, when the god is confortable in his new skin.

Xipe Totec’s scions are as intersted in life and death cycles as their father. They work on DNA, longevity, they write poetry and novels. They garden very productive gardens, as productive as their sexual life. They often want to know about their past life, engaging in psychotherapies. They often change roles, being spies for the pantheon, but never being quite at ease.

Xipe Totec

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