The God of Love, wine, and light. The Prince of Flowers is the great lover, sewing the seed of Love across the world.


The flower prince of the Atzlánti spends much of his time in the World, because that’s where all the fun is happening. Like his twin sister Xochiquetzal, Xochipilli exemplifies the physical beauty of his gender, but this well-sculpted god is also a patron of recreation and culture. Easygoing and genial, Xochipilli loves scholars and artists of all kinds, especially dancers, painters, and writers. When he is not busy fostering mortals’ creative projects or exemplifying male sexual attractiveness, he finds work as a very specialized agriculture god— the god of vision-inducing psychoactive plants.

In modern times, Xochipilli has been a tortured playwright, a chartbusting pop song producer, a porn sensation, a greenhouse pot grower, and a gay bar proprietor. He prefers the company of mortals to gods, and spends as much time away from Acopa as he can, leaving the hard work of planning the war against the Titans to other gods. He has taken many mortal wives (and more than a few husbands), but the flower prince finds it hard to settle down for long.


Nemontemi Raymer