The Goddess of Youth, Beauty and Physical Love


The goddess of desire, wealth, and feminine sexual allure, Xochiquetzal knows what she wants and how to get it. The twin sister of equally-attractive Xochipilli and former wife of Tlaloc, Xochiquetzal has discovered (after being stolen from her husband and seduced by the Black Tezcatlipoca) that she’s happier not being tied down. Xochiquetzal always goes hand in hand with luxury; she loves living the high life, with all that entails. She is a fierce protector of new mothers, and a proponent of the idea that women control the world because they control men. Clouds of butterflies, entranced by her beauty, follow her wherever she goes.

In modern times, Xochiquetzal enjoys making policy indirectly, by influencing people in positions of power. She has been a corporate consultant, a feminist blogger, and an illicit mistress of suggestible politicians. She also likes to enjoy mortal life as a luxury jeweler, a glamorous model, a florist, or a brothel madame. All her mortal guises have youth and beauty in common, and flowers are always a part of her fashion or her surroundings.


Nemontemi Raymer